zaterdag 28 december 2013

Instagram hometour @Knipsarina

Let me just say that I am an Instagram addict. Not so much because of the picture making aspect but more to peak into the lives of people all over the world and view their amazing pictures, their pictures of life but also their beautiful interiors. Just love it and it's a bit like Pinterest, once you get started....
For a while now i have been following @Knipsarina on Instagram.

Her pictures amazed me, her sense of styling, the use of accessories and also making it a home for herself, her boyfriend and their son. It's spacious, relaxed, happy and just pretty.
So I asked her if I could share some pictures on my blog and luckily she said YES! Lucky me! Because I just really wanted to share her interior with you. It feels a bit like discovering a precious gem..or something. 
The Knipsarina account belongs to Catharina, a pediatric nurse at a critical care unit for newborns (here was me thinking she was an interior designer or something!). Catharina lives in an old house in Bodø in Northern Norway with her boyfriend and their 2 year old son.
She just loves interiors and loves to do things around the house which has 4 small floors. Two of these floors have been redecorated, Catharina can't wait to redecorate the other two floors! She gets her inspiration by reading blogs and magazines. Although her taste is not uncommon amongst interior design lovers, she also loves design which is special and not so common and she knows how to do a bit of DIY herself which in her eyes makes a house your home.

I just love her style and hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! Thanks so much Catharina for sharing your beautiful house with us!

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