zaterdag 28 december 2013

Instagram hometour @Knipsarina

Let me just say that I am an Instagram addict. Not so much because of the picture making aspect but more to peak into the lives of people all over the world and view their amazing pictures, their pictures of life but also their beautiful interiors. Just love it and it's a bit like Pinterest, once you get started....
For a while now i have been following @Knipsarina on Instagram.

Her pictures amazed me, her sense of styling, the use of accessories and also making it a home for herself, her boyfriend and their son. It's spacious, relaxed, happy and just pretty.
So I asked her if I could share some pictures on my blog and luckily she said YES! Lucky me! Because I just really wanted to share her interior with you. It feels a bit like discovering a precious gem..or something. 
The Knipsarina account belongs to Catharina, a pediatric nurse at a critical care unit for newborns (here was me thinking she was an interior designer or something!). Catharina lives in an old house in Bodø in Northern Norway with her boyfriend and their 2 year old son.
She just loves interiors and loves to do things around the house which has 4 small floors. Two of these floors have been redecorated, Catharina can't wait to redecorate the other two floors! She gets her inspiration by reading blogs and magazines. Although her taste is not uncommon amongst interior design lovers, she also loves design which is special and not so common and she knows how to do a bit of DIY herself which in her eyes makes a house your home.

I just love her style and hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! Thanks so much Catharina for sharing your beautiful house with us!

zaterdag 21 december 2013

Deck the Halls....

It's amazing to see how every single blog is posting about Christmas in it's own way. Love the variety of different styles and perceptions of Christmas. You should definitely go to &Suus, decor8, Avenuelifestyle, lisannevandeklift, Coos-je and Vosgesparis for some real beautiful Christmas inspiration! And of course there are many more blogs to read when it comes to the Holiday Season!

And then I wanted to blog about Christmas, but was very much intimidated by all these beautiful Blogposts... There are so many creative bloggers in this world. It is actually quite amazing. Maybe this is more a holiday homage to all the beautiful bloggers in the world! What if you put us all in one room and decorate it into the best Christmas room ever. Chaos, I'm sure but what an inspiration :-). And fun!
Blogging is just the best way (for me anyway) to perceive everything that I love about decorating. I just love to write about it, straight from the heart, hopefully inspiring readers as much as the world of decorating inspires me.
At the moment I am still a tiny little blog in the world of interior design blogs. Still learning every day but also still enjoying every post that I write. It feels like being in love every time I hit the button ' Publish' . I just love to share and much more, I love interaction. I love to know who are out there and who wants to be inspired! It's still a long way for me but I'm getting there! The year 2013 was all about learning what I enjoy the most: decorating and interior design and writing about it. And let's not forget, learning how to combine my two lovely kids with blogging. Now that IS a challenge, but one I would not miss for the world!
But now back to Christmas! My point was: maybe you've already been overloaded with Christmas ideas and inspiration. Please allow me to at least try to inspire you just a little bit more!
I have just one more thing to say: Happy Christmas!!!!

xoxo Jessica

California Home & Design

Washi tape tea lights

Jamie Oliver Instagram

Ideal Home Magazine

Ideal Home Magazine
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Loft Photographie & Anne Marie Photography 




vrijdag 20 december 2013

Winners Giveaway LikeStationery

And the winners are....
Stephanie Koster of and Nasim Musalem! Congratulations!
Enjoy this little gift for the Holidays!
Happy X-mas!

donderdag 19 december 2013

Last Give Away!

Don't forget, today is the last day of the LikeStationery Give Away!

Because it's almost Christmas I am allowed to give away 2 Christmas Tree Memo Pads by LikeStationery!
All you have to do is Like the facebookpages of Wonen.Decoreren and LikeStationery, Share this GiveAway and leave a comment under this post why you would like to win!
Winners will be announced on Friday 20th of December on my Blog!
Good luck!

maandag 16 december 2013

Interview: Sanne Dirkzwager of LikeStationery plus a Christmas GIVE AWAY

At the Woonbeurs 2013 I came across a little stand that immediately caught my eye . It was full of beautiful stationery with the most amazing colors and patterns. It just looked so pretty. And I just could not forget about it. I have a thing for stationery. Just want to own it. Look at it. Show it. Use it.
And so I decided to contact Sanne Dirkzwager of LikeStationery

Because I am always triggered by gorgeous stuff and shops and am alway wondering about the person behind the shop and why they sell what they sell.
Turns out this lady behind LikeStationery is a busy and very inspiring lady and also the owner of the brand Strawberryblonde. So I would love to share this beautiful shop and interview with you. Please visit her beautiful shop LikeStationery

Who is Sanne Dirkzwager?
Someone who wants to show and create beautiful things. To surprise people with new products, who wants you to look at everyday things differently. Investigative, enterprising, always working on anything that has to do with design and creation.

Tell me about a day in the life of Sanne?
Every day is a mix of work (for my brands Strawberryblonde and LikeStationery) kids, family and social life. As Strawberryblonde I’m always working on new developments in design, fashion, music and art, or working for different magazines such as ELLE-Decoration or ELLE-Eten. For the brand LikeStationery i am always looking for new products, working on the online store and the physical store, things that inspire and interest me and that i want to show. In addition, I work for my mother, fashion designer Margriet Nannings, i travel with her and we assemble the collections for her fashion stores. So in a couple of days i could be in Paris at the Fashionweek, the next day I’m building a stand for LikeStationery at a fair and then i’m attending a children's Party or taking my sons to swimming class or Wing Chun lessons.

What is Strawberryblonde?
Strawberryblonde is the name under which I do all my graphics work and other creative expressions. I got that nickname at the Royal College of Art in London, it seemed like a good company name.

What defines Sanne Dirkzwager/ Strawberryblonde? 
The use of color, dusty colors mixed with bright harsher tones. Tough mixed with soft, worked out in detail. Sense of emerging trends and developments.

Why also start webshop
To express my love for homemade products, graphics/design, printing, typography, color and must-haves, to be able to actively combine all those things under one denominator as a business.

Could you describe the style and products of and why you choose this style? 
Original products that you don't see everywhere. Beautiful color and shape and sense of detail. Sometimes nostalgic design. Subtle use of color and the composition of the different brands. The collection is assembled as if it is all one brand, it all fits well together. A notebook that you just want to have because it is so beautiful. I hear that a lot, 'it's too good to use'. I recognize that, but I still want people to use these products and really enjoy them.

Who or what inspires you? 
My mother. Her drive and dedication to her work, her energy, always aware of the latest trends, interested in everything and everyone, a good business woman with great style, humor and love. For my work I‘m  inspired by the refinement and use of color from Japans rich visual culture, but also everyday things inspire me. A supermarket abroad, also candy or characters that my children collect, as well as good conversations about work with friends who also work independently.

Do you a favorite brand or product in your shop?
I sell products from all over the world. There is not one particular brand what I like most, it is the combination in color and shape of the various brands together that makes it interesting for me.

What trends do you detect when it comes to stationery? 
Handmade, self developed products. Together with a couple of other designers i purchased a 'Riso' printing machine, to be able to produce our own designs. The small-scale, do it yourself, handmade things, that is what's going on now.

Can we expect any new and special products in your shop? 
I just got together with friend and colleague Olga Scholten to develop a collection of greeting cards in a limited package.

To extend this line i will be producing more designs at the beginning of next year, handmade, home-produced products.

Thanks so much Sanne for your time!

 Visit LikeStationery!
Prinsenstraat 24

And because it's almost Christmas I am allowed to give away 2 Christmas Tree Memo Pads by LikeStationery!
All you have to do is Like the facebookpages of Wonen.Decoreren and LikeStationery, Share this GiveAway and leave a comment under this post why you would like to win!
Winners will be announced on Friday 20th of December on my Blog!
Good luck!