zondag 24 november 2013

Inspiring wallpapers

God I love wallpaper! It'a amazing what wallpaper can do for a room. It changes the look completely and gives you that instant feel your were looking for. 
When it comes to wallpaper I love floral designs and the graphic designs. It's heavy to look at and makes that the Uber eyecatcher. Drama! Extravagant! I've been looking for inspiring images this morning where the wallpaper just jumps of the wall. They make me feel so happy!Feel happy with me and be inspired!

Look at that! Isn't this just amazing? I would walk up and down the stairs all day. Just to see new colours every time. The combination of the classic staircase with the geometric patern works really well here. Combined with that amazing light... Love it.

Wow, the black background with the big classic flowers. I think this is so beautiful, so classic. Old-fashioned in a good way. Combined with the green chairs, wooden table and stool, it's so so pretty.

This wallpaper reminds me of cold winter days. Beautiful in the livingroom with a big sofa in front of it or in a study. 

So so Classic, Baroque and I adore the combination of the black and white pattern with the mint-coloured plinth. Makes it edgy.

This wallpaper would be so nice in a bedroom. It's calm and soothing and romantic at the same time. Makes me feel dreamy...

The birds just fly away from the wall. Almost like 3D. Perfect for a funky hallway or also a summerhouse! 

Oh what a grandeur! So very chique and again a super combination of Classic and modern. Makes the walls even higher and just very impressive. Almost intimidating, but again, in a good way!

Just so sweet! Romantic. Happy. Feels like spring. 

This, I think, is so so beautiful. It's like standing in a castle. Old days revive. Gorgeous with the wooden floor.

A very happy wallpaper. Sweet and light. Works in a lot of rooms. It's a heavy print and yet it's a perfect background. It has some kind of serenity to it.

It almost hurts to look at but I just love it. Love the colour, love the pattern.

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  1. Which company makes the black wallpaper with the huge flowers?